Saturday, December 20, 2008

Favorite Costume

My Favorite Costume, Robert as Alex from A Clockwork Orange-2005.


My first breakthrough in Color and Design. Special Thanks to Michele Goodwin for teaching me everything about how color works.-Blondie-2005.


Final Project for Color and Design and my favorite Stephen King Novel. Carrie-Gouache Paint-2007.

Baseball Player

Baseball Player-Graphite-2007.

Matt 2


Matt 1

I really enjoyed Clothed Figure Drawing, here's my friend Matt-Graphite-2007.

Travis and Andrea

I decided to do Travis and Andrea's portrait as a wedding present. It was fun!-Nupastel-2007

Searching for a girl named Tin Can

I started writing books about my friend Tina when I was fourteen, I think it was then that I set my sights on becoming an artist. By the time I was twenty one I published my first book, "Searching for a girl named Tin Can" through Trafford publishing in 2004. This was before I had any artistic skill and I think I was just relying on pure determination to get something out there. Of course I can cringe alot now when I look at the book but you have to start somewhere. Thanks for everything Tina! I will do another book eventually I just don't know when. This book is still available to the best of my knowledge worldwide, has it and if you want to see my early work, this definately documents it.

Pat Benatar!

Loved doing this one, although many didn't give a fuck about it, I still love it. Pat Benatar-Analogous Watercolor-2008.


Ahh! My first great watercolor. I had a burning desire to learn how to watercolor, I worked my ass off to learn the concepts and I did! I owe a great debt to Camille Lapointe Lyons my instructor. This is one of my best buds, Travis and his daughter-Monochromatic Watercolor-2008.

Jack Nicholson

This was definately my first breakthrough in Charcoal. I did this in my first figure drawing class. I owe nearly everything I know about charcoal to the eccentric Karl Jensen. Jack Nicholson-Charcoal-2005

Goldie Hawn

Before Bill, there was Goldie Hawn-Charcoal-2006. This one took six months to finish. At the time I made this I was going through a very difficult time personally and I wondered if I'd ever finish this. However now that I look back, a beautiful drawing came out of that turbulant time. I had the pleasure of meeting this legendary superstar, it was one of my happiest days and found her to be very sweet and I thought if any star deserved to be captured it was her.

Bill Murray

Here's one of my masterpieces, "Bill Murray"-Charcoal- 2007

Hi Guys

Hi Guys, Well I've decided to create my first blog. I'm a bit new at this so be patient as I figure it out. This will be the official place where you can view my artwork, thoughts and upcoming projects. Please check Back Soon. Happy Holidays, Robert