Monday, September 13, 2010


Well I thought I'd blog, hmm I've come to the conclusion that no one is reading my blog so I have to branch out, I think the problem is no one knows I have a blog. I'm going to do some research and reinvent the wheel I think, with maybe my own website! Well I've started a new chapter this year, italy is now becoming a distant thing of the past. I will always cherish the memories I had there but I'm ready to move forward with what I have now, my own painting studio, yes I'm back in the studio already and have completed 2 paintings this week, a head painting and a still life painting. I tried to start painting a week after I got back to the states but wasn't ready so I didn't paint for the rest of the summer. My big issue is I sleep too damn late and have not gotten much exercise since italy but somehow things are just played by ear these days. Well, I'm hoping this new semester will be a awesome journey, ttl. Robert

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello Freinds

Hi Guys, Yes it's been too long again and it's time to restore the blog. So alot has happened since I last blogged, so I'll give you the basics. I got to go to italy for another study abroad this summer, I was there from june and returned to montana last week. It was another wonderful experience, I made a bunch of new friends and got reconnected with some of my old ones. I must say it had it's challenges as well. Many people think that going on a study abroad to another country to study art is just fun and glamorous twenty four seven. Yes it is all those things but there is a great deal of hard work behind it as well. This group was much bigger now that the printmakers are included and overall, despite a few bad apples, everyone was great and I'm so grateful to have shared the experience with so many talented artists. My plein air painting skills have improved considerably since the first study abroad in 2008. Aside from producing around fifty paintings on location, there was all the fun activities such as the weekend trips to florence, venice and rome, swimming, eating and of course doing something we didn't do the first year, going to giglio island and spending the day at the mediteranian. It would take five blogs to cover everything that happened. I was a bit sad to leave corciano because I just spent eight weeks with the group and they became my family. I'm home now, resting and not doing much of anything except recovering from jetlag and tying up unfinished business from before I left and slowly I'm getting back into the swing of things. I go back to work at shodair saturday, I dread it but it will be nice to have money again and see a few familiar faces. I'm regestered for fall and will take head painting 2 and still life painting 2 and have lots of plans for the future, including art shows, galleries, new artwork and hopefully a new book somewhere down the line. Well thats about it for now, cheers to a very fruitful summer! Robert

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Hi Guys, well it's been way too long so I better blog while I have the chance. So 2010 has been a very exciting and busy year so far. I went flex at shodair and decided to devote all my time to my artwork. I've been in the studio nonstop since February 1st, making one interesting piece after another. My artwork has gone in an amazing new direction thanks to my new classes and instructors at the academy. This semester I took mixed media, digital imaging and abstract painting. Since I went flex, my grades have never been better, all A's and B's and with these classes I feel I've had more artistic freedom than ever before. It's definately me at my most experimental, my drawing skills have also improved considerably, I'm faster and way more confident. It was as if that short winter break was much needed because it seemed like my skills just refined themselves on their own. I never dreamed I would have so much freedom in abstract painting and it's a whole lot of fun, basically there are no rules just a few guidlines to follow. Then there's digital imaging, I'm so happy to report that I'm now photoshop friendly and have created a couple great digital paintings and it feels like my artistry has also gone to a greater level with all this new technology that keeps flying at me. I've grown tremendously as an artist only since february and it feels soo damn good and fullfilling. Now that the semester is almost over, I'm going to take a very short break and then it's off to italy again for another study abroad! Yep it looks like it gonna happen for sure! The main reason I decided to go back is because I'm a much better painter than I was in 2008 and I guess it's a great way to showcase my growth and of course have some fun out of montana again. I'm way excited but I still have tons to do before I go. On the side note I'm still taking care of the grandparents and spending time with freinds and family when I can. Well, there's a brief report in a nutshell for you, I'll be posting new pieces soon. Later!

Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 The Beginning

Hi Folks, well I decided to put my thoughts here instead of facebook because I just don't have anything to say there. So far 2010 has been full of ups and downs. I'm happy to report that I've not smoked a tabacco cigarette at all this year, I decided the electronic cigarette is a much better alternative for me. For those of you that don't know what an e cigarette is, it's a battery operated device that looks very similar to a cigarette, it delivers nicotine through a smoke flavored juice that has no carbon monoxide, tar or any of the other chemicals that causes cancer and other deadly things. You don't burn anything, it's vapors. So far I like it very much, it's basically my new interest these days. It tastes way better than a cigarette. Of course there are cons to it like anything else, it should only be used if you're a long term smoker, it's not a toy and it's not healthy. It's merely a safer alternative for a smoker. Of course weeks after I get mine, there's this stupid article in the paper strongly discouraging e cigs, stating they have carcinogens but not giving any specific examples. Okay I've done my homework on these things and yes there may be carcinogens but compared to whats inside a fucking tabacco cigarette I'd much rather take my chances on one of these pups. Is the FDA suggesting all smokers go back to analog ones, well fuck you! So far I've tried two different models and both are pretty good. I'm not going to lie, I'm sure I've been withdrawing to some degree from traditional cigs but I feel the desire to have an analog cig slowly disappearing. Since my life is going at a much slower pace these days, I tend to get more depressed, moody and unmotivated but I find that if I can do at least one productive thing a day, that always helps. So far all I've really done on winter break is slowly get organized, watch my new flatscreen tv and work at the hospital. I've done no drawing or painting this year but I'm slowly starting to think about working again. My grandma is now going through chemo therapy again, the first one was incredibly hard on her but she eventually got better. It's just a one day at a time thing and I continue to hope the best for her. As far as Shodair goes, it's worse than ever, I was just telling my freind Matt last night that I used to be so confident in what I did there and now everybody's afraid to do anything because management will come down on us. I think the truth is I've been there way to long but I feel trapped there because I need the money. However I look forward to the day I never have to work there ever again. My plans so far for 2010 are to cut back on my hours there, spend more time on my schoolwork and hopefully make some great new art projects. There's a possibility I may head back to italy this summer but it's still uncertain at this point. Well I'll leave you with that for now, todays my day off and I'm planning on eating chicken and dumplings with my family and then heading to the movies!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Work!

New work!

Happy Holidays

Hi Guys, Sorry it's been so long. I tried to blog a few months back but apparantly my blog was having some malfunctions but it seems to be working now. Anyway alot has happened since I last blogged, I officially went back to evening shift at shodair and took head painting and printmaking for fall 2009 at the AAU. Overall it was a pretty good semester but continues to be difficult for me balancing out school and work but I try. I've come a long way as far as painting heads go, I'm still learning but I'm getting much better, I think I finally have a firm grasp on drawing but seeing color and value continues to be a work in progress. Printmaking was pretty fun too although challenging at times, I learned the basics of linocut, silkscreen and lithography. It was a pretty busy semester and I'm glad I survived it. On Novemeber 13th, 2009 I finally returned to the artwalk which resulted in my first solo show at the great northern town center. It was alot of fun, I displayed about 25 of my best pieces over the last few years. There was lights, music, refreshments and even a lava lamp! I was pretty surprised how many people came out to see me, some people I haven't seen in many years. Matt Welsh an old friend of mine helped me set up and it was great seeing him, I haven't seen him in over ten years. I ended the night by going to the bar with a few few friends, something I hardly ever do. Although I didn't sell a single piece, I was grateful enough that so many people took the time to come down and see me. Christmas was also wonderful, we finally had a white christmas with lots of snow, I got lots of great gifts and got to see everyone I love. I'm now on winter break and living life at a slower pace for the time being. As far as the future goes, I plan on cutting down my workload at shodair, gearing up for the spring semester and there's the possibility of going back to italy again in summer 2010. The only disappointing news I have to share is that my grandma who I live with must start chemo therapy again tomorrow, her tumor mark is getting high again so I'll be taking care of her again and as always hoping for the best. So I'll leave you with that, I'm hoping for another fruitful year with new artwork and other exciting adventures, Happy Holidays to you all and I hope you also have a great new year.