Monday, July 13, 2009

Aretha-The Glass Breaker-2009-Oil

Okay, at last a new painting! This was pretty fun, more of an experiment than anything else. I was inspired to do this after seeing Aretha perform at Obama's inaguration. Lots of oil! It took three months to dry!

Hi Folks!

Hi Folks! It's been awhile since I blogged so I thought I'd better check in. So the last time I blogged was certainly a pretty rough and unbelievable period for us all, it seemed like people were just leaving us left and right, celebrities, Traci and it was and continues to be for many, just an overall dark time. I'm not sure I could say things are 100% better now but I'm seeing things a bit more clearly now. First off I've decided it's time to leave night shift and I'll be going back to evenings soon. I'm just ready for a change and it seems every shift I work anymore I leave feeling angry, I'm constantly being insulted by my co workers and being lectured on how to do my job by people who never even work with kids and haven't put up with half of the shit I've put up with there. It's time to move on! Yes I know there's crap I have to deal with everyday and everywhere but I'd rather deal with a different kind of shit than what I'm dealing with now. I'm not asking for pity or sympathy, I just want out and it's time to seriously go back to work and make a difference and not sit around and analyze life and bullshit my way though work. Anyway, on a positive note, my family is doing fine, I'm painting a great portrait of Michael Jackson and it's almost done and I'm so excited yet very nervous to go and meet Pat Benatar in Phoenix, she is my favorite female vocalist that ever lived and it should be a wonderful time. I had the weekend off and I hate to say this but I was consumed by anger all weekend at just about everything and so I decided to do Yoga for the first time in several months and I feel pretty peacefull as of this writing. I feel most of the tension has been drained from my body at this point. I also had a wonderful visit with my father and he always knows how to cheer me up and help me see things from a different perspective. Okay, it's time to go take on the day, I promise my mood will be much brighter the next time I write. Love to You all! Robert