Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm Back!

Hi Guys, I decided it was about time to update my blog. I promise to try and update more often, I can't promise on a daily basis but we'll just see what happens. So 2009 has been very promising so far, lots of stuff going on and it seems to be heating up just in time for summer. I began 2009 with a much needed rest from school, drawing and just life as an artist in general. So I caught up on my reading and managed to finish three books over winter break, that's something of a record breaker for me, I really need to read more often. I also was very glad to be a complete couch potato over break and got hooked to old tv shows on dvd and I managed to watch every episode of six feet under and the golden girls. Watching tv is something I rarely get to do anymore and many people don't realize an artist is usually always busy and I think were all a bit more selfish with our time than others. The most important thing I can say right now is my grandmother has made almost a full recovery after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she has one more chemo treatment to go. My thanks goes out to all of you for all your good wishes, they've helped more than you know. Currently I'm taking two classes at the Academy, Illustration 1 and History of film-Post 1940 and working nights at Shodair to keep my bank account full. I like my classes alot and I have great instructors but I must admit I'm ready for the end of the semester on May 16th. So here's whats coming up, I'm going on another study abroad to italy this summer to study printmaking, I'm excited to return and curious of what new adventures, new friends and artistic horizons are ahead. I also plan on plein air painting on my own while I'm over there. The main reason for returning to italy is mainly because I feel like I haven't satisfied my artistic soul as a painter over there and I just want to paint one great masterpiece over there. However, it doesn't end here, I'll be leaving italy at the end of july and I'll be flying over to phoenix to meet my favorite female rocker, Pat Benatar and her husband Neil Giraldo, I have a VIP pass and a seat away from the audience. I'm very excited but very nervous already. So I think it's going to be one hellava great summer! In the fall I will be returning to my studio to go back to work on a series of paintings I'm preparing for my first solo art show. Well I'll leave you with that, much more to come and I'll be seeing you soon!