Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hi Guys, I sold a total of eight landscape paintings out of ten that were exhibited in the show, "Enchanted Italy" in San Francisco at the 79 gallery. I totally didn't expect this at all and I'm very happy that it went so well. So far 2009 has been great, I'm on break from school, my grandma is feeling good after two sessions of chemo therapy, she has four more to go. She's being treated for ovarian cancer so I've been helping her and my grandpa out alot which feels nice to be doing something that's making a difference. I'm also painting again, I have one painting of Aretha Franklin that's almost finished and I'll be posting it soon as well as a giant cityscape of italy that I'm going to begin tomorrow hopefully. Other than this I've been taking it pretty easy, reading alot, watching T.V and going out for beers with friends, all things I haven't really been able to do in awhile. Well thats about it for now, I'll have more soon. Love, Robert