Saturday, May 15, 2010


Hi Guys, well it's been way too long so I better blog while I have the chance. So 2010 has been a very exciting and busy year so far. I went flex at shodair and decided to devote all my time to my artwork. I've been in the studio nonstop since February 1st, making one interesting piece after another. My artwork has gone in an amazing new direction thanks to my new classes and instructors at the academy. This semester I took mixed media, digital imaging and abstract painting. Since I went flex, my grades have never been better, all A's and B's and with these classes I feel I've had more artistic freedom than ever before. It's definately me at my most experimental, my drawing skills have also improved considerably, I'm faster and way more confident. It was as if that short winter break was much needed because it seemed like my skills just refined themselves on their own. I never dreamed I would have so much freedom in abstract painting and it's a whole lot of fun, basically there are no rules just a few guidlines to follow. Then there's digital imaging, I'm so happy to report that I'm now photoshop friendly and have created a couple great digital paintings and it feels like my artistry has also gone to a greater level with all this new technology that keeps flying at me. I've grown tremendously as an artist only since february and it feels soo damn good and fullfilling. Now that the semester is almost over, I'm going to take a very short break and then it's off to italy again for another study abroad! Yep it looks like it gonna happen for sure! The main reason I decided to go back is because I'm a much better painter than I was in 2008 and I guess it's a great way to showcase my growth and of course have some fun out of montana again. I'm way excited but I still have tons to do before I go. On the side note I'm still taking care of the grandparents and spending time with freinds and family when I can. Well, there's a brief report in a nutshell for you, I'll be posting new pieces soon. Later!